Chiropractic Testimonials

Herniated Disc

"I have been suffering from chronic low back pain for years after I herniated a disc in my low back about 6 years ago. I have gone through physical therapy and tons of drugs and have even gone to a different chiropractor in the past but nothing really helped me get any real lasting results. I was told that eventually I would need surgery which is not an option I wanted and my previous chiropractor told me that he did all he could for me and that he could not help me anymore. I suffered for about a year doing really nothing at all other than popping pills until my new neighbor referred me to his chiropractor. He told me to go in and talk to Dr. Schomaker and that he had some new machine that is supposed to help a lot with people with herniated discs. I had a long talk with Dr. Schomaker and he felt that I could do well with his Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy program. At this point, I am a very skeptical person but I was pretty much out of any other options and figured it was worth a try to avoid surgery.

I started the program only three weeks ago and I can almost not believe the results I am getting. I have had pain in my right leg for over 6 years now and after less than half the way through my treatment plan, I have only very minor pain in the leg and only occasionally. I am so excited about what has happened so far that I can't wait to see where things are at the end of my initial treatment plan in 5 weeks. I will definitely recommend anyone I run into with back problems sit down and talk with Dr. Schomaker. Thanks a ton, DOC!!"

- Robert D., Age 51

Chronic Headaches

"For the past few years, I have had to deal with terrible headaches. My regular doctor had me on migraine pills and basically told me that I would just have to deal with the migraines because there was no cure for them and that hopefully, I would grow out of them someday. My father had me go in to see Doctor Schomaker about a month ago to see if there was anything he could do for me. Dr Schomaker had x-rays done on my neck and he told me that the headaches I was having were not actually migraines but were severe tension headaches coming from my neck. It took a couple of weeks but my headaches went away and I feel great now. It's an awesome feeling to not have headaches anymore and not have to take all the pills. I just wanted to say thank you Dr. Schomaker for all your help."

- Dianne B., Age 19

Neck Disc Herniation

"Over the past three years, I have dealt with chronic pain in my lower neck and weakness with tingling and numbness in my left arm and hand. I have always enjoyed being active and weightlifting but had not been able to perform any of my usual workouts over the past two years. My problems were slowly getting worse and worse and I was told by my doctor at the regular clinic that my only option was surgery. I was absolutely not going that route. I know too many people who have not done well with surgery and were looking for any other option. A very good friend of mine recommended I talk to Dr. Schomaker about a new technology he uses in his office that can help with problems like mine. I took my friend's advice and called Dr. Schomaker the next day. After a very thorough exam and consult with the Dr., he said I would be a good candidate for Advanced Spinal Decompression Therapy as a non-surgical way of treating my problem. We began treatment the next week and I have to say that it was the best decision I have made in a very long time. It is truly awesome and was a real lifesaver for me. After about 2 1/2 months I had no pain, numbness, or weakness. I felt better than I had in years. I am now 4 months past my last treatment and am doing great and am back to working out regularly too. I just can't thank you enough for all your help, Dr. Schomaker. THANK YOU!"

- Tom Z., Age 45

Low Back Pain

"I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your help. I have been to a number of chiropractors in the area over the years and have been pretty disappointed in the results for the most part and the way I was just run through those clinics like cattle and being told that I would have to come in for treatment for 6 months or more right from the start. My experience with your clinic has been a night and day difference though. I want to thank you for the genuine concern you showed and the great job you did with my low back pains. Your approach was far more effective and you took the time to address all my concerns. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know."

- Cindy A., Age 38

Herniated Disc

"After dealing with low back pain off and on over the past 5 years or so I finally decided to do something about it. I was referred to you by my neighbor who has seen you for neck problems here and there and he said you were the best chiropractor he has been to and he said he had been to about 10 of them over the past 10 years. I was a bit sceptical at first not having been to one before but after only a week I was stunned with how much better I was feeling and now after two months I feel like a new man. I can't thank you enough doc. I will be a great source of referrals for you and your practice for years to come. Thanks again!"

- Josh M., Age 29

Ear Infections in Children

"I just needed to let you know how much I appreciate all you did for my son Aaron's chronic ear infections. As you know we had tried everything our regular doctors told us to do with tons of medications which did not work and heard that chiropractic can help with these things. We are SO glad we brought him in and I and my husband are so grateful for all your help. As you know Aaron has not had an ear infection now for over 4 months and he is a much happier baby. Thank you again, Dr. Schomaker."

- Aaron S., Age 7 months


"My daughter had been having headaches for about a year before I brought her in to see you late last December. She was told that she had migraines and that she would just have to deal with it and they gave her some medications to take which really did not help her much. I felt so bad for her and my friend Jodi told me to call you. She said you did a great job for her husband's neck and back problems. Within two weeks Anna was doing a lot better and after only 3 weeks she had no more headaches. It has been 4 months now since she first saw you and she is doing so well. Anna and I are so appreciative."

- Anna W., Age 12

Neck Pain in Children

"My son has had problems since he was born with constantly turning his head to the left and not wanting to turn to the right. His doctors told us that he would grow out of it and that nothing was wrong with him. We just could not understand how they could say nothing was wrong with his neck when he was always tipped to the left. My mother is a patient of yours for a couple of years now and she recommended you after she talked with you about it during one of her appts with you. I did not know kids could go to a chiropractor and really never thought about it. My husband and I met with you about the problem and we were very impressed with your knowledge and how much information you gave us about what you felt our son was suffering from. I was so happy to see that after just two treatments with you, we could see a visible difference in the way he held his head and after only one month he looks normal. My pediatrician was shocked and really did not know what to say. I know what to say though....from my husband and I and of course from our 18-month-old son, Thank you very much for all you do."

- Cassie H., Age 18-month-old son Anthony

Shoulder Pain

"I have been a patient of yours now for about 4 years for various problems but after I moved three months ago I thought I would find someone a bit closer to our new home. We now are about 20 minutes from your office and I guess I wanted to save the extra time. I tried two other doctors within 5 minutes of my new home and I honestly never thought there could be such a dramatic difference in doctors. As you know I am now driving the 20 minutes to come see you again and just thought I would give let you know that your approach is far better than any other chiropractor I have tried. As a business owner myself I know that we seldom hear compliments from clients, just complaints, the happy ones usually just don't say anything because everything is good. Well, everything is good with me again, thanks doc...see ya soon."

- Jerry H., Age 33

Plantar Fascitis

"I am a competitive runner and after years of dealing with doctors telling me I had plantar fascitis and that I had to just stop running, which to me was unacceptable,I heard from a friend that you offered her son a lot of relief from his foot problems. I had spent well over $800 on new shoes over the past several years looking for maybe a different kind that would help but to no avail. After meeting with you for the first time you recommended a few treatments on my feet as well as getting me new custom-made orthotics for my feet which I had tried in the past as well which in my opinion actually made it worse so I was pretty skeptical. I tried the treatments which really helped and after you showed me the major difference in the new technology in the orthotics you get for your patients, compared to what I had received from my foot doctor in the past, I gave it a leap of faith and ordered some. OH MY GOODNESS!! I can't thank you enough for getting me into my Sole Supports orthotics. They immediately helped and now after 3 months of running 5 miles a day, five days a week I can still say that my feet have not felt this good since I was in my late teens. Thank you so much and as you already know, I am telling everyone I know about you and your clinic. Awesome."

- Shawna L., Age 28

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

"I have had carpal tunnel problems for many years now and recently consulted with Dr. Schomaker about what he could do for me after my friend referred me. After speaking with the doctor, he suggested trying a combination of ultrasound and a new laser system that is getting good results for many people with problems like mine. It took a bit over 2 months now but it has made a big difference for me. I feel like I can do most of the things at work and with my kids that I have not even dared try over the past couple of years. I still have a little ways to go but all in all, I am very impressed and very pleased with the direction things are going now. Thank you so much for all your help."

- Jill B., Age 37

Low Back Pain

"I wanted to thank you for all your help with my recent low back problems. I have been treated with MANY doctors over the years and most of the Chiropractors in town as well and my good friend and neighbor referred me to you. She told me about the decompression system you have to help with disc herniations in the low back and neck. After going through your treatment plan, I just can't believe how much better life is for me now. It took about 6 weeks but it changed my life. I will be a huge source of referrals for you, I can guarantee you that! Thank you so much, Dr Schomaker!"

- Carol K., Age 43


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